Acacia Ridge


Acacia Ridge is a suburb located in the south of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 13 kilometers from the central business district of Brisbane. The suburb is predominantly an industrial area and is home to several major freight and logistics companies.

Acacia Ridge is a culturally diverse suburb, with a significant population of people of Greek, Croatian, and Macedonian descent. The suburb also has a number of parks and reserves, including Pioneer Park, which is home to several species of native animals.

In recent years, Acacia Ridge has seen a significant amount of development, with new residential and commercial properties being built in the area. Despite its predominantly industrial character, the suburb is home to a growing number of families, attracted by its proximity to the city and its affordable housing prices.

Iceworld Skating Rink

Iceworld is an indoor ice rink located in the suburb of Acacia Ridge in Queensland, Australia. It is a popular venue for ice sports such as ice hockey, figure skating, and public skating sessions. The rink is also used for corporate events and parties.

Iceworld is one of the few indoor ice rinks in Queensland and is considered a valuable resource for the local community. It offers a range of programs and services for people of all ages and skill levels, including lessons and coaching for those who wish to improve their skills.

The facility includes a fully equipped bar and cafe, providing refreshments and food for visitors. It is also equipped with modern facilities, including ample parking, restrooms, and changing rooms.

Iceworld is a popular and well-regarded venue in Acacia Ridge, providing residents and visitors with a unique and fun recreational opportunity in the heart of the suburb.

Archerfield Airport

Archerfield Airport is a general aviation airport located right next door to Acacia Ridge, in the suburb of Archerfield, Queensland, Australia. It is situated approximately 11 kilometers south-west of the central business district of Brisbane. The airport covers an area of approximately 400 hectares and is considered one of the busiest general aviation airports in Australia.

Archerfield Airport was originally built as a military airfield in the 1940s and was later used as a commercial airport in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, it is primarily used for general aviation and is home to a number of flight training schools, maintenance facilities, and private aviation companies.

The airport features two runways, one of which is 1500 meters long, making it suitable for a wide range of aircraft, including light aircraft, turboprops, and business jets. It also has a modern terminal building, which provides passengers with comfortable facilities and amenities, including lounge areas, restrooms, and a cafe.

In addition to its general aviation services, Archerfield Airport also serves as a hub for disaster relief and humanitarian aid operations, and is used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service and other organizations for medical and rescue missions.

The airport is a vital and important resource for the wider South-East Queensland region, providing critical aviation services to the local community and beyond.

Archerfield Speedway

Archerfield Speedway is a motorsport venue located in the suburb of Acacia Ridge, Queensland, Australia. It is one of the oldest and most famous speedway tracks in Australia, having been in operation for over 80 years.

Archerfield Speedway features a high-speed, clay oval track that is suitable for a wide range of motorsport disciplines, including sprint cars, speedcars, and stock cars. The venue hosts regular race events, including the prestigious Australian Sprintcar Championship, and attracts spectators from across the country.

The facility includes a grandstand, providing spectators with comfortable and elevated seating, as well as a pit area for teams and drivers. It also has a modern sound system, providing clear and powerful audio for all events.

Archerfield Speedway also hosts corporate and private functions, including Christmas parties and team building activities. The venue is equipped with a fully licensed bar and kitchen, providing visitors with food and drinks throughout the day.

The Speedway is a major attraction for motorsport fans in South-East Queensland and is considered one of the best speedway tracks in Australia. It provides a thrilling and action-packed entertainment experience for visitors of all ages.

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