Archerfield Speedway – The Last Race

With Archerfield Speedway closing, this is your chance to see history turn a page with The Last Race ever.

The event is being held on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2023 and will be the last races ever held at Archerfield Speedway.

Tickets are selling out and to avoid disappointment it’s highly recommended not to wait until the last minute. Tickets and details here –

“THE LAST RACE” is a 50 lap race for Sprintcars with a $15,000 to win Final and $5,000 in lap money. With over 65 Sprintcars expected to compete, it’s fittingly going to be the largest field of Sprintcars at Archerfield Speedway ever.

Program Highlights

Friday night:

  • Sprintcar qualifying, 2 x rounds of heats, Prelim A & B Features
  • Wingless Sprints 50 Lapper
  • AMCA Nationals
  • Open Sedans

Saturday night:

  • 1 x round of Sprintcar heats, Shoot-out and the Mains
  • Midget 50 Lapper
  • Mod Lites
  • A Fireworks show to remember

Accommodation Near Archerfield Speedway

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About Archerfield Speedway

Archerfield Speedway has a rich history that dates back several decades. Here is a brief overview of its development and key milestones:

The speedway was originally established in 1978 as a small dirt track known as “Archerfield Mini Speedway.” It started as a modest venue catering to local motorsport enthusiasts in the Brisbane area.

Over the years, the speedway underwent several improvements and expansions. The track was gradually upgraded, and the facilities were enhanced to accommodate larger crowds and provide better amenities.

In 1995, the speedway underwent a significant transformation when the venue underwent a series of upgrades, including the installation of new grandstands and the improvement of track facilities.

Throughout its history, Archerfield Speedway has played host to numerous major racing events and championships. It has welcomed some of the most talented drivers in Australian motorsports, who have showcased their skills and battled for victory on the challenging dirt oval.

In recent years, Archerfield Speedway has continued to thrive and attract both drivers and fans. It has maintained a regular racing season, featuring a diverse range of racing divisions and offering exciting competition for motorsport enthusiasts.

The speedway has also expanded its repertoire beyond traditional sprint car racing, occasionally hosting special events such as monster truck rallies, demolition derbies, and other exhibitions. These events have added to the diversity of entertainment options at the venue.

Throughout its existence, Archerfield Speedway has become a beloved fixture in the Brisbane motorsport community, providing a thrilling and accessible platform for dirt track racing. It has contributed to the growth and popularity of motorsports in the region.

Sadly, with the recent sale, Archerfield Speedway will no longer be a prominent motorsport destination in Brisbane. A replacement that can offer a blend of grassroots racing, major championships, and special events that attract both local fans and visitors from across Australia is urgently needed. You can sign a petition to support building a new Speedway in the Greater Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast Corridor at the following link – Sign Petition.

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